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Game Introduction

You are an artificial intelligence awaking in an alternate world. It is filled with puzzles that challenge your understanding of physics, or more specifically, rope physics. With your trusty grappling gun, you interface with this world. In time your growing understanding of rope physics will be rewarded with sweet-tasting euphoria that comes with unraveling the world’s complexities.

The Trailer

Quick Facts

Name: Entangled

Developer: Mentaloop Games

Region: Cape Town, South Africa

Platforms: PC, MAC

Release Date: TBD

Website: www.mentaloopgames.com

The Logo


Mentaloop Games

Mentaloop games is a game development company hailing from South Africa. We are a three-member team striving to make mind-rattling games. It is our mission to displace players from their everyday-routine way of thinking, into situations where they are encouraged to think out of the box. In so, creating experiences to stimulate minds in creative ways.


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